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Serving New Mexico Since 2005

Chocolate Amor is a home-based business in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  We offer full-service chocolate fountain rentals to Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and the surrounding areas. 

What does "full-service" mean?  With a rental from Chocolate Amor, we bring the fountain to you.  We set it up and fill it with the chocolate of your choice (milk or dark).  We decorate the table with serving trays, bowls, and platters and drip cloths to match your event colors and decor.  We beautiflully arrange the dipping items.  We provide skewers for the dipping items.  And our attendant will stay with the fountain throughout the event to help keep the fountain running smoothly and to keep your guests and the facility clean.  When it's all over, we clean it up and take it away.  An elegant display, absolutely no work for you! 

But wouldn't it be cheaper to rent the fountain from a party supply store?  Maybe...but take these things into consideration when making your decision:  You pick up and drop off the fountain.  Chocolate costs extra and you are responsible to melt it to the correct viscosity.  You set-up the fountain, and unless you really know what you are doing, getting a chocolate fountain to run correctly is not an easy task.  You provide the skewers and the serving trays, and you are responsible for the decor.  You have to make sure nothing clogs the fountain as your guests dip items all night long.  And when it's over, you get to clean it all up, which is not a pretty sight. Most of the time the whole experience ends up being a goopy, chocolatey mess. 

So, add up the time, expense, and hassle of renting from a party supply store and you'll see what makes Chocolate Amor's services worth every penny.

To see a few examples of our work, check out our photo album.

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