Chocolate Amor - Chocolate Fountains

Mini Fountain (Package A): $129.00

For smaller parties of 50 people or less, our Mini Fountain is perfect for you.  With this package we will set up the fountain, including the chocolate and skewers, and leave for the duration of your party.  After the party is over (up to 3 hours), we will return and clean it all up.  Easy as can be!

If you would prefer to have an attendant stay during your party, the price is $229.00

Large Fountain Packages: $329 And Up

Our Large Fountain packages are perfect for gatherings of more than 50 people.  These full-service packages include:

*Fountain for up to 3 hours
*Milk or Dark Chocolate
*Marshmallows and Pretzels
*Drip cloths & decor to match your event colors

Dipping items DO NOT come with your fountain package.  You are welcome to provide your own dipping items, or you can forget the hassle and order a dipping items package from Chocolate Amor.

Large Fountain Package B: $329.00
Serves 50 - 100 People

Large Fountain Package C: $379.00
Serves 100 - 150 People

Large Fountain Package D: $429.00
Serves 150 - 200 People

Large Fountain Package E: $479.00
Serves 200 - 250 People

250+ People = Call for Custom Pricing

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