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Excuse me, I have a question...

Q: What is a chocolate fountain and how does it work?

A: A chocolate fountain is a stainless steel basin with 2 to 3 tiers sitting along a tube that rises from its center. The heated basin keeps the chocolate melted and smooth, while a motor-driven auger carries the chocolate up the cylinder tube to the top of the fountain. The chocolate flows out the top, creating a thick curtain that cascades over each tier on its way back down to the basin. Simply dip a strawberry into the streaming chocolate and you'll have a mouth-watering treat.

Q: How does Chocolate Amor make the melted fondue chocolate so delicious?

A: The secret recipe lies hidden in a vault within the deepest chocolate mountain where only Chocolate Amor chocolatiers have access to this forbidden knowledge. Don't be embarrassed by your curiosity, even the Keebler™ elves have tried to uncover our chocolatiers' secrets.

Q: What are the table and electrical requirements?

A: Please provide us with a sturdy, level table capable of holding up to 150 pounds, as well as a 120 volt outlet within 10 feet.

Q: Does Chocolate Amor require a reservation and minimum deposit?

A: Yes. We require a reservation up to two days in advance--however, due to popularity we strongly urge you to call much earlier to ensure your reservation as fountains are limited and available on a first-come first-serve basis. A non-refundable deposit of $150 is required at the signing of the contract and the remaining balance is due the day of your event.

Q: Does a mini-fountain package require a deposit?

A: Mini-fountains (Package A) can be reserved at any time without advance notice. These fountains do not require a deposit, however, the cost is due at the time of delivery.

Q: How will the attendant dress at my event?

A: At formal or informal events, our attendants are always in professional dress: chocolate brown shirt or chef coat jacket, black dress pants, and a chef hat.

Q: What type of chocolate should I use at my event?

A: We highly recommend Guittard™ dark chocolate. In fact, that's why we've made it our package standard. When combined with dipping items, the dark chocolate is exceptionally sweet. For those who remain unconvinced, Guittard milk chocolate is available, or white chocolate, vanilla chocolate, and flavored chocolate are available for a minimal extra charge.

Q: How can I match the fountain decor to the decor at my event?

A: No worries! Chocolate Amor will gladly match the fountain decor to the color and theme of your event at NO EXTRA CHARGE. We'll provide a drip cloth of matching color, as well as table decor. We highly recommend you reserve some of your tablecloths, decorations, and flowers to enhance the fountain decor. We're happy to take care of the set up and glad to help arrange dipping items.

Q: What happens to all the leftover chocolate?

A: You get to keep it! At the end of your event, you are welcome to keep the remaining chocolate.  All we need from you is a microwave-safe container to pour it into. Simply reheat the chocolate in your microwavable at half power for two minutes, stir, repeat if necessary, and enjoy.

Q: Are there any dessert items I can't dip into the fountain?

A: We recommend you not dip crumbly items (such as cake) into the fountain. These items tend to fall apart when placed under the chocolate and clog the fountain auger. If such desserts are on your menu, simply tell Chocolate Amor ahead of time and we will provide a ladle for pouring melted chocolate over your desserts.

Q: If I am providing my own dipping items, what would you recommend and what are some tips on how best to serve them?

A: After you reserve a fountain package, a chocolatier specialist will review the best dipping items with you at your convenience per your request, whether or not you purchase dipping items from Chocolate Amor.  To view the Chocolate Amor dipping items list please click here.

Q: How is a Chocolate Amor fountain better than the small fountain I can buy at the store?

A: Yes in deedy, chocolate fountains can be purchased at many department stores for a lower cost. It's important to understand that you get what you pay for. Most of these fountains do not have heated basins, so the chocolate hardens during use. Their quality is substandard. They are extremely time consuming to operate and messy to clean up. However, if you are in the market for a fountain, give us a call. We'll make sure to help you find a quality product.

Chocolate Amor only uses and highly recommends Sephra™ fountains. If you are interested click here for more information.

Q: What if more people show up to my event than the fountain package I reserved?

A: The chocolate is measured by weight (per pound) and purchased by the size of your guest list. Please be as accurate as possible. However, if more guests show up than planned--fear not--we always have extra chocolate on hand. We will bill you after the event for the extra chocolate used at it's standard price with no extra fee.

Q: Is Chocolate Amor capable of catering to large groups?

A: Definitely! Gladly! From 10 to 4000, Chocolate Amor is equipped to cater to everyone's chocolate needs. For larger groups we recommend renting more than one fountain for your event. Groups with more than 250  people require custom pricing, so please call (505) 249-4343 for a quote.

Q: Is the chocolate fountain really messy?

A: Unfortunately, it can be. That's why we send an attendant to assist setting up, serving, dipping, and cleaning at each event. We also provide a drip cloth with large rental packages.

Q: When will the fountain arrive and when will it leave my event?

A: Our attendants will arrive to set up the fountain, table decor, and dipping items one hour before your event. Each rental package is based on a 3-hour time increment beginning at your preferred time (this does not include set-up time). Additional time may be purchased in half-hour increments, $50 per 30 minutes.  Our goal is to make your guests happy and your event a success. If we need to stay longer in order to do so, we will gladly oblige. When your event is over, clean-up usually takes us about 45 minutes.

If your event is still in progress during take-down of the fountain, our attendants will still make any remaining dipping items and chocolate available in a container nearby.

Q: Can I use the fountain outdoors?

A: Yes, but not recommended.   Keep in mind that this is done at your own risk. Insects, dust, plant particles, and wind tend to interrupt the flow of chocolate. If the outdoor temperature is cool, this can also interrupt its flow. The slightest breeze will blow strings of chocolate all over your guests.  Chocolate Amor attendants will turn off the chocolate fountain at their own discretion, and no refunds will be issued.  

Q: How many Chocolate Amor chocolatiers does it take to screw in a light bulb while manning the chocolate fountain?

A: Only one. Our chocolatiers can do anything!

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